The Autobitminer bonus program is an opportunity to get Hashpower of up to 2000 GHS for free by performing simple actions aimed at popularizing the project. Faster! Only the first 1000 participants get the bonus: that is 1000 people on YouTube. In order to achieve your goal and get paid for it, you must meet the required conditions. The Bounty Program is valid from 25 February 2021 to 31 December 2021.

Mandatory conditions :
1. Register on the company website or through our partner affiliate link
2. Make a hashpower purchase.

YouTube Campaign Make a video how to create an account and how to buy hashpower from our company website. Video duration 1-3 minutes. The bonus is 200 GHS for the 2 videos. The more likes on the video, the bigger the bonus.

2000 GHS maximum bonus. (Depending on the activity that liked the video)

Every time you get 1 who likes your video, you get $ 0.2

Your YouTube account must be created more than 1 month ago.

Your YouTube account must have no less than 100 subscribers.

Your YouTube account and all publications must be publicly available.

After the publication of the video review must stay live on your channel.

The video title must contain the keywords "" or "Autobitminer".

Only videos with a minimum of 100 likes are paid.

Include your referral link to the project in the description. Example link

After completing the task, fill in the appropriate form. Your data will be added to the table for verification by our staff. The bonus is awarded within 1-5 days, provided that the task is completed correctly. If your actions do not meet our conditions, the bonus will not be provided. You Must Registered Member

Subject : Username - Bounty Claim
Bounty email :

Your name, username and video link.